About Architectural Photography Almanac

“Architects live and die by the images that are taken of their work, as these images alone are what most people see. For every person who visits a private house, there are maybe 10,000 who only view it as a photo.”

Julius Shulman

Architectural Photography Almanac (APA) was created as a hub for architectural photographers. We regularly feature members of the architectural photography community and their outstanding work in articles and interviews, discuss business strategies, share technique and equipment knowledge, and take a critical look at the craft of architectural photography.

Founded in 2018, the goal of APA is to serve as a resource for inspiration and empowerment of freelance architectural photographers all across the globe.

Affiliate disclosure: APA uses affiliate links to support the writers, pay for hosting, design, and everything else that is required to run this website. Some (but not all) links direct to our affiliate partners where we receive a small percentage of the sale as a commission. We ask that if you found an article helpful, you use an affiliate link to make a purchase to keep this website active. Thank you for your support!

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