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About Us

Our mission from day one at Architectural Photography Almanac has always been to help architectural photographers be successful.

Since our founding in 2018 and the thousands of inquiries received through our website since then, we’ve learned that our community could use more help tackling business questions, honing a particular skill, or navigating client relationships.

To help address your specific questions, we’ve launched APA Consulting —  a trusted group of architectural photographers and architecture industry leaders with years of experience in the field. 

Collectively, our consultants have managed some of the largest architectural photography projects in the world, and we are ready to help you with any aspect of business building or project management you can think of. From portfolio curation, finding new clients, bidding and estimating on jobs. When it’s time, we can help with production and hiring local fixers, talent, or assistants, to post-production and licensing. 

We’re excited to work with you and look forward to hearing from you.

Work With Us

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Areas of Expertise

Production and team sourcing

Estimating and bidding

Portfolio curation

Marketing plans and client acquisition strategy

Portfolio building plans

Business guidance

Licensing and contract guidance

Image theft and infringement help

Our Team

Ryan Gobuty

Ryan brings 20 years of experience managing photography for Gensler, one of the world’s largest architecture firms. He has worked side-by-side with countless architectural photographers to capture some of the most significant new architecture of our time, and knows the ins and outs of bidding, estimating, producing, and seeing large scale commercial projects through to completion.

Cliff Shapiro

Cliff has worked as a producer, first assistant, and digital tech on global advertising campaigns and architectural documentation projects for some of the biggest photography names in the world. Whether building sets for advertising campaigns or getting the camera on top of the tallest building in a city, Cliff’s problem solving and attention to detail has seamlessly connected the dots on photography projects across the globe for over 15 years.

Lexi Taciak

As the Architectural Photography Almanac’s managing editor and a founding team member, Lexi has literally overseen thousands of submissions and questions from our readers, and has had her finger on the pulse of the industry from day one. Her expertise in portfolio curation and career direction has helped more photographers than we can count tighten up their business and get them the gigs they want to be hired for.

Andy MacPherson

Andy is one of Australia’s most in-demand photographers, his work appearing across the continent and globally in myriad publications. Andy specializes in helping photographers in smaller markets achieve their potential as architectural photographers, making realistic suggestions for those who may not be in larger design-oriented cities yet still want to make a career as architectural photographers.

Simon Devitt

Simon Devitt is the architectural photographer in New Zealand. With a career spanning over 30 years, he has singlehandedly defined what New Zealand contemporary architecture means and has published a wide-ranging variety of books on the topic. In addition, he runs a mentorship programme for students around the world and has shared his time to coordinate the Simon Devitt prize for photography, a New-Zealand wide student contest promoting the arts across the country.

Mike Kelley

As the founder of the Architectural Photography Almanac, an accomplished architectural photographer in his own right, and leader of workshops everywhere from Montana to Sweden, the Bahamas to Dubai, Mike has seen it all and can advise on everything from business direction, portfolio creation, bidding and estimating, licensing, and more.  Mike has helped thousands of people find a happy and fulfilling life as photographers, as either a passion or career, and has always been eager to share advice and feedback over a wide range of photography topics.


We are happy to offer consulting on an hourly or fixed-price basis. Usually, our consultants offer hourly blocks via zoom or phone for advice and guidance. Pricing starts at $150/hr for one-on-one sessions.

Bidding and estimating is conducted on an hourly basis or a commission, based on the job. Please get in touch for more information.

Production work requires a thorough understanding of job scope and requirements. We’ll begin with a call to understand the scope of the project and then come up with a quote to help get it across the finish line – from beginning to end. This may be billed on an hourly or day rate schedule, depending on if in-person work is required for the job. We have a wide network of assistants, digital techs, and stylists we can recommend as well.

Got questions?

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